Our 65", 75", and 86" Interactive Displays feature 4K resolution (3840 x 2160), 20 touch points, built-in software, and Wi-Fi. In addition, our Interactive Displays support most software programs.

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Webcam / 4K Camera

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Our multiple touch point technology makes it simple for people to collaborate on projects or classroom lessons. 4-10 users at a time can make notes on the screen with natural hand gestures, or use the displays as an interactive pen display for even more precision. Teachers and students can solve problems together, or colleagues can create and share dynamic, interactive presentations. The flat panels can display a range of content options, including charts and video in bright high-definition resolution. They are designed to enhance any presentation, and the generous sizes and anti-glare coatings make them easy to view in any ambient light.

This multiple touch input is made possible by Triview revolutionary Surface Light Wave Technology (SLW). (SLW) is more advanced and accurate than traditional touch technology. The touchscreens maintain their responsiveness even in brightly-lit environments.

Each Triview interactive touch display includes annotation software, making it even easier to make impactful notes with natural hand gestures. The multi-touch displays also include a remote and the USB/HDMI cables needed to interface with other devices such document cameras and PCs.

Triview Interactive displays are designed to mount to walls using VESA mounting standards. Our 55" model has an optional desk stand available for even more versatility.




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