Company Profile


Tatung Company of America, Inc. (Tatung) is based in Long Beach, California specializing in the manufacture of cutting-edge technology products. Founded in 1972, Tatung has been innovating technological solutions for home and commercial settings for over 40 years. Tatung is proud of its established reputation as a leader in the high-end technological sphere. Tatung products are available for both the consumer and commercial markets. Over the years, Tatung has expanded its market scope to provide world-class products and services to the industrial and educational sectors as well.

Today, Tatung is predominately a business-to-business (B2B) enterprise, providing display products to the gaming industry; interactive displays to educational and business vertical; and solar installations for industrial power generation. Tatung has successfully brought to market security solutions for distributors and integrators; hotel lodging products for hotel suppliers; and kitchen appliances for e-commerce, storefronts, and grocery stores. Tatung is a leading provider of state-of-the-art technological solutions worldwide. Tatung's offerings include third-party logistics and warranty repair services to individuals and corporate customers globally.

In addition to products serving the consumer and commercial markets, Tatung Company of America, Inc. provides manufacturing services and tech-solutions for some of the leading PC system manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) around the world. Proven technical knowledge, cutting-edge solutions, and quality services allow Tatung to address a wide variety of technological needs.

Tatung Company of America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Tatung Company of Taiwan. A global leader in technological solutions, the Tatung Company has instilled in its California-based division a range of world-class capabilities and global company values for quality and excellence. Our local based service and support team provides easy online and live person support to assist in any questions you may have with our product. This strategic partnership results in the availability of Tatung products and services to a higher number of customers globally.

Tatung Company of America, Inc. continues to produce a wide and varied array of products and tech-solutions for the commercial and residential markets, addressing the needs of an increasingly diverse clientele. With its continuing commitment to innovation and technology; outstanding quality; and true value, Tatung strives to be a leader in the global technology market.


Tatung Company of America, Inc. is committed to a vision of Innovation for Quality. This ideal is apparent in the company's focus on developing energy-saving and eco-friendly products that are ensure a healthy life.

Corporate Values

Tatung Company (formerly known as Xie Zhi Business Enterprise) is the parent company of Tatung Company of America, Inc. Established in 1918; Tatung Company has grown into one of Taiwan's leading conglomerates. The company is built on four fundamental values: Integrity, Honesty, Industry, and Frugality. Developed by founder and former chairman, Mr. Shang-Zhi Lin, these principles represent the essence of the Tatung Company's commitments to its customers, shareholders, and employees. The precepts behind these values have been carried on by Tatung's Chairman Emeritus Mr. T. S. Lin, and they continue to serve as guidelines for the company's success and prosperity.

Tatung Company encourages self-motivation and cooperation among company employees, with the goal of ensuring employee harmony. To this end, the company has organized profit centers that ensure fair compensation, incentive and benefits for all employees.

Tatung Company remains committed to ensuring total customer satisfaction. This is achieved by re-investing profits in order to produce better quality products, thereby creating added value for customers.

Social Responsibility

Serving the country through education and industry has always been Tatung's mission since establishment. We carry out industry-education cooperation with Tatung University and Tatung Senior High School as well as sponsor the schools' major projects while also contributing industrial experience to the teaching. Moreover, we also serve various communities and care for disadvantaged families by, for example, helping rehabilitation after major disasters, arranging sport activities and educational day trip, and arranging blood donation twice a year etc.

Global warming and climate change have become the most concerned topics in the international communities. The Company started to work out greenhouse gas emission inventory in the factories and subsidiaries since 2009 while also focusing on the development of energy-saving technologies and renewable energy service such as acquiring green mark and energy label, developing LED parts and products, solar energy wafers, film/single/multi crystal solar energy module, and critical materials for C-LiFePO4 batteries. We hope to lower the damaging impact to the environment making the earth a sustainable place to live for generations to come.

Tatung Mascot


Tatung Boy, the mascot of Tatung Company, was created in July 1969 as a result of the two-year project led by Dr. Lin, the Chairman Emeritus, for improving production and marketing. It was also a creation in celebration of Tatung’s 51st anniversary, a successful year with good business record and profits. As a mascot to represent Tatung, Tatung Boy is designed with the characteristics that manifest Tatung’s corporate philosophy and management mentality.

• Coin slot
The coin slot on the top makes Tatung Boy also serve as a saving box. Our founder, Mr. Shang-Zhi Lin, once coined a motto, "Entrepreneurialship starts from the saving of one dollar".

• Over-sized head
The cute big head is to show the importance of brainstorming and execution.

• Big eyes
To be able to observe consumer behavior so as to keep pace with the market trend, Tatung Boy was later remodeled from its original design to have a pair of big shining eyes.

• Numbers on the chest
To indicate the number of years since 1918 when Tatung was established.

• Rugby in the arm
To cultivate teamwork by promoting the spirit of rugby players who persistently strive to reach the goal.

• Big feet
To show Tatung's role as the pioneer in the industry who always acts proactively with vigor, devotion, and honesty.




大同公司主要分為「電力事業群」、「系統事業群」、「消費事業群」三大事業群, 旗下包含電力設備、馬達、智慧解決方案、系統整合、先端電子及家電電子等6大事業體,製造及產銷運籌體系涵蓋歐洲、美洲、中國、東南亞等國,提供全球客戶優異的產品研發製造、完善的物流運籌、快優的服務網絡。




> 正:正心 正派經營,用心執行。

> 誠:誠信 真誠負責,品質信用。

> 勤:勤奮 積極進取,殷勤待客。

> 儉:儉樸 愛惜資源,腳踏實地。



> 「建教合作研究發展」

> 「社會投資公眾公司」

> 「勞資一體產業自治」

> 「創造利潤分享顧客」


以創新科技提供優質產品實現節能、環保、健康之生活 ,善盡世界公民責任。




大同是國內第一家以企業娃娃促銷產品的公司,三十多年來,大同寶寶已和大同公司的形象合而為一。 為什麼大同寶寶是手持橄欖球而不是現在熱門的籃球或棒球?